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Schubert 's Ave Maria

​Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’ is another great arrangement in a rock/pop ballad style for Flexi-Band and Orchestras and Bands of all sizes. Strong melodic lines using Schubert’s famous vocal themes together with modern harmony supported by a robust rhythm section make this suitable for any combination of players. A fantastic way to introduce your band and audience to one of the most famous pieces ever composed for voice! Also ideal for ensemble examination purposes. 

The Flexi-Band Classical Pop Series allows conductors to mix and match orchestration to meet available resources. Piano, Drum Kit, Rhythm Guitar and Bass Guitar provide strong harmonic and rhythmical support for common combinations of C, Bb, Eb, F, Treble/Viola/Bass Clef instruments including lead guitar and Nuvo instruments.

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​Duration: 2:10

Level: Beginner - Intermediate (UK Grades 2-5 and USA Grade 2/3)

Occasion: Concert - Small/Large Scale - Formal or Informal

​Orchestration: Flexi-Band - Mix and Match Orchestration - C -Bb - Eb - F -Viola/Bass Clef

Nuvo Instruments - Piano - ​Lead & Rhythm Guitar (Chords/TAB) -  Bass Guitar 

Drum Kit - Tuned and Untuned Percussion​​

Score & Parts: US 18.95