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Vocal - Piano Score: 2.40

Build Me A Snowman

A seasonal delight for Voices and Choirs of all ages telling the dream of wanting to build a snowman one last time before wintertime ends. This uplifting and memorable song is accompanied by dramatic and emotional orchestration suitable to be featured as a rousing finale in any holiday concert.

Can be performed with solo, chamber or large choirs with or without the additional orchestration. 

Duration: 2:35 sec

Level: Easy - Moderately Easy

Occasion: Seasonal Holiday

Instrumentation: Unison/Divisi Voices or Choir

Strings - Piano - Guitar Chords - Bass Guitar - Glockenspiel - Percussion

Conductor Score & Instrumental Parts: 9.99

Backing Track &

Performance Recording MP3: 2.40

Vocal Score: 1.40

Conductor Score: 3.85

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